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Headquarters located in Atlanta, GA, Freight International covers many locations all over the nation plus numerous logistic partners from different areas of supply chain.

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    • Expedited Nationwide Delivery

      From East coast to West, Freight International offer fast, reliable and accurate nationwide delivery directly to your facility, factory or warehouses.

    • Dedicated Contract Carriage

      Freight International Dedicated Contract Carriage provides solutions for our clients in providing a dedicated fleet and quality trained drivers as an extension to their business without the investment and heavy burden of managing a personal fleet and team.

    • Safety & Compliance

      Safety of your cargo is one of our top priorities. Every shipment is handled with most care by Freight International's trained and high skilled personnel. You can be sure that your cargo will travel and arrive safely.

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    Freight International is committed to safety in all facets of our operations. Our fleet is equipped with the most up-to-date safety technology. AI Dashcams, Lane departure warning, Automatic following distance, Speed controlled, and GPS tracking; these are just some of the safety systems installed on all Freight International tractors. We want all of our drivers to come home safely.

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    Our fleet of modern equipment can handle most any shipping need. With over 50 of the latest model trailers, none more than 3 years old, we’ll have the right trailer when you need it. Freight International's trailer fleet is just as modern as our rigs and has the assortment of styles to get your load, whatever it is, to the drop point safely and securely.

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    Freight International prides itself on using the latest technology to ensure the highest level of service in everything we do. We’ve partnered with Motive and their software platform to manage our fleet and your loads. We open access to this system to our shipping partners allowing them to track shipments, locations, delivery dates and more

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